yeebah. I’m coming home. I freaking miss my bed.

15th April, TuesdayReblog
When you come home tonight, I will not be there. On the sideboard there is a note that says “I am tired of wearing my heart on my sleeves for you, I’ve taken it back.” Look, it’s exhausting to love you like this. I would have stood outside for you if I knew you’d pass by to open the door for me but my fingers are cold and you’re just standing at the window trying to decide if you can be open enough to let me in. I don’t know if you can or know how but I know that my hands are tired of reaching to empty spaces. God, it’s not okay for you to love me when it’s convenient or when you’re not busy. It’s not okay for you to not try because you know I’ll be waiting there for you anyway. It’s not okay because your cold is seeping into me and I used to be throbbing once, I used to be a fire. I don’t know how to give less of myself to someone. I don’t know how to be half full or half feeling so when I said that I would have stayed with you, I meant it. I don’t want to have to be anything less than I am but I can’t stay with you anymore. Your arms are perpetually folded. Mine can’t reach far enough to keep us both warm. I’ve tidied your clothes. I’ve left you milk in the fridge, but I won’t pick up your calls anymore. I’m closing the door gently behind me, I’m not coming back, I have to look for something warmer.

— Azra.T “You can’t love me with your heart shut.” (via journalngbabae)

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5th April, SaturdayReblog

i. Text and call me for no reason at all. Let me feel that you want to talk to me for hours even if I’m a boring person.

ii. Always put me first. I mean, even if you’re with your friends, then you saw me, you can wave and say Hi and smile at me. Just recognize my presence, and I am fckng okay with that.

iii. Let me feel that you’re always there for me, even if you’re busy, just don’t forget to talk to me.

iv. Let me feel that I’m special among the other girls around.

v. Hug me from behind Or let your arms slide through my waist and hold me close and kiss my hair.

vi. Make me happy. Make me forget the things that I want to forget.

vii. Don’t leave me when I’m pushing you away.

viii. Take care of me.

ix. Jump with me.

x. Just love me.

How to win my heart. (xx)

5th April, SaturdayReblog
Honestly, di ko alam kung ako pa rin ba. Pero pwedeng ako nalang kung may iba ka na?

— Shit shit shit. Full of Shit.

5th April, SaturdayReblog
Oh how I wish I would see you smile at me the way you sweetly smiles in every moment you see her.
31st March, MondayReblog
Anonymous asked: I never had a boyfriend and no one likes me at all. does that make me ugly and unwanted? and i have few extra pounds, too


I sometimes have that depressive thought that I am really ugly and that nobody really loves me, and that I am obviously fat, and all, but still, that does not mean that you have to look down on yourself that way. We have felt like shits so many times in our lives, and that in return, we have doubted ourselves for all the things that we never had and were still unable to do or acquire. But that does not mean that you are ugly and unwanted. There are people who see the loveliness inside of you - the beauty in your smiles, the glimmers in your eyes, the sweetness in your words despite the hell people are throwing and making you feel like. Everyone does not have a universal notion of the feeling of being wanted, and the concept of being beautiful, and I assure you, love, like what my friend said, has a name, and it waits somewhere, and it sees through you, and it listens to your soul. Have a great evening dear anon, and smile. That is the loveliest thing people can do with their face.

3rd March, MondayReblog

Dear Prof,

Thank you for making things go difficult. Thank you.

3rd March, MondayReblog


Anyone here who knows So Ji sub?

Care to look at this link and fall in inlove with him over and over again. Haha!

He’s a great person. And i love him from the bottom of my heart. :) 

 with tumblerinatalks

Thanks for sharing this, friend. Huhuhuhu. I love him also from he bottom of my hypothalamus :)

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Everything is fine. It has to be
23rd February, SundayReblog
Loving you is just a bit too much
23rd February, SundayReblog
Sorry, I just can’t stop overthinking
23rd February, SundayReblog
Life is not about having a smooth road of journey but standing in every trips we got as we travel the road.
23rd February, SundayReblog
We live to be loved and we love to live
23rd February, SundayReblog
Because sometimes, we have to be selfish to be happy.
23rd February, SundayReblog